Friday, 4 April 2014

Is The World Turning Anti-Gay?: Section 377 (IPC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Uganda's 2014 Act, Russia's LGBT propaganda law, Nigeria Federal Criminal Code- Sec 214,215,217

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code: "Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine." 

India overthrew the shackles of British imperialism but upheld this artifact of British civil law made by Lord Baron Macaulay in 1861,while the UK is now one of the most pro-LGBT nations on earth! Indians or say, Hindus have not only endorsed this Victorian regime Christian law, but even gone to the extent of calling it 'culture'. Hopefully, progressives as well as conservatives in India will use this as a springboard to have more political and cultural influence.

 Interestingly, says otherwise. Same-sex relations and gender variance have been represented within Hinduism from Vedic times. Afterall, 'Vikruti Evam Prakriti' [Ardhanarisvara, Aravan, Ayyappa, Bahuchara-devi, Bhagavati-devi, Bhagiratha Maharaja, Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Chandi-Chamunda, Gadadhara, Gangamma-devi, Harihara, Kartikeya, Vallabhavardhana, Yellamma-devi, Shikhandi, King Bhangasvana and countless others]. Kama Sutra, which was written in between 400 BCE and 200 CE, speaks about homosexual intercourse. Additionally, the hijras have been part of Indian society and culture for thousands of years. Why then are they denied their rights?

Drawing inspired by the Michel Dorais' book!
Homosexuals and transsexuals have been the victims of social discrimination for too long. Human beings they are, not animals to be hunted down at the stanchion of police force. I also know that homosexuality can contribute it's own share of muddles to the Indian society, but it certainly doesn't mean that they shouldn't be treated like venerated human beings when their act is private and consensual. For eg. A drunkard has an option of not drinking before driving but does a homosexual really have options? This section discriminates a section of people solely on the grounds of their sexual orientation which is analogous to prohibited grounds of sex. It is droll unlikely to be executed as unnatural sex includes oral sex(for heterosexuals too?). There is no need of such discriminatory laws, especially when there are more indispensable issues beforehand.

Muslims, Christian and illiterate Hindus want deviants lynched, like the angry mobs of Nazi holocaust which also forced gays to wear pink triangles as identification in the way they forced Jews to wear makeshift Stars Of David, and clamored the execution of gays because they are different. Maybe Ramdev could make a field trip to holocaust museums in Washington DC, Houston TX, or Warsaw Poland or Jerusalem Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum to find his heart before he is penalized for his medical malpractice of  "curing" homosexuality by yog.

With a population of 1.237 billion, the Indian Government thinks they'd want to do "anything" they could to reduce the reproduction rate. Wouldn't they benefit from some non-procreating, sterile citizens? Practicality enumerates the evident non-constitutionality and despotism of Section 377 of The Indian Penal Code. Now we have a destination for Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Michelle Bachman(minus her husbro) to emigrate to. They should all be very happy living in a gestapo state. India joins 82 other countries where gay sex is illegal, the rest being African and predominantly Muslim nations. Beyond comprehension, this coming from a country that can't feed their starving. You can have it all-the excreta in the streets, the corpses floating down the Ganges with their kablooey abdomens, the anti-Semitic caste system. If you are not an upper caste heterosexual Hindu male, then India is not the place for you. Female foeticide is a widespread social norm. Raping women in India is sport. Only 1 in 4 rape accusations end in conviction. Next they'll want to host the Olympics.

These types of laws are how pandemics like AIDS have spread, and the cognitive issues of repression and self-hatred are perpetuated. This is a harrowing for humanity, and the quality of life for all human beings, in that concealed lives and fervor does irrevocable harm. For an individual to provide his/her superlative in any field in his/her commonwealth under the stance of acknowledging his/her illegality and unconstitutional existence is insurmountable. It's amazing that in the 21st Century, gays are still being persecuted for doing nothing except being alive. Why the hell are so many cultures going backwards instead of evolving?

Uganda, Arizona, Iran, Nigeria- all have anti-gay laws. More to do with religious resistance and backward third-world civilizations. Most Africans see the US and other EU nations as paving the road to hell. Most Africans are either Christians and Muslims and I've heard usually in Africa you don't see these two groups working together but now they are viz. amalgamated laws. We deal with Saudi Arabia where the penalty for witchcraft is death, where the penalty for homosexual acts and adultery is stoning. Then, why not Uganda? Rabidly anti-gay Americans have been evangelizing homophobia across Africa for decades. The propagandist is complicit, even when that propagandist is an American. I talk to a lot of Americans online. I don't know one of them who would consider supporting the evangelicals scapegoating of gays and the export of their ideas. But I think there is a link between their ideology, and incitement to violence because of a person's sexuality, which should be stopped. I still believe it's all to do with America-the most Christian nation on the planet.

Yesterday, Brendan Eich (JavaScript, co-founder; Mozilla) chose to step down from his role as CEO of Mozilla which garnered international surveillance. I couldn't accede more about 'free speech' for all, but it should be noted that his views reflect on the company. He's the CEO, not some janitor there. It's like saying if he donated to the Taliban and supports them then he shouldn't be fired because that's his personal opinion. When he's the CEO, then he can't have opinions which go against the company policy. He can have his views, without being the CEO. No one is eliciting anyone to change personal views. You should note that he is CEO of a public company and not CEO of his house. Mitchell Baker was somewhat right. 
Section 377 (IPC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Uganda's 2014 Act, Russia's LGBT propaganda law, Nigeria Federal Criminal Code- Sec 214,215,217-- I might be accused of being wildly optimistic, and I definitely think we can't afford to be complacent, but I think despite the horrors going on now gay equality is already inevitable. The past year saw anti-gay laws but at least it made it to the headlines. Once you have a national newspaper denouncing you, you at least have visibility. The conversation has started, the cat has been let out of the bag, you can't put it back in again now.

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